Press for Dorah Blume
Press listings for Dorah Blume's Botticelli's Muse, an historical novel about one of the art world’s most beloved paintings, "The Primavera".
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Press for Dorah Blume

Rave reviews for Botticelli’s Muse

“Sensuous and provocative as well as mysterious…. Blume’s interpretation of master painter Sandro Botticelli is at once a florid love story and a chilling political drama.” – Publisher’s Weekly
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Historical Novel Society review of Botticelli’s Muse

“The novel is beautifully written, with great insight into the life of an artist, and what inspires artists to choose their subjects.”

“The novel is beautifully written, with great insight into the life of an artist, and what inspires artists to choose their subjects. Blume is an artist herself, and her delightful illustrations illuminate the story. The characters are believable, with Sandro and Floriana as an appealing hero and heroine.  —Historical Novel Society
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An artnet News 2017 Best Book!!

15 Scintillating Art Books to Read on the Beach This Summer

“In Dorah Blume’s capable hands, Renaissance Italy comes to life in all its complexity, historical fact deftly woven into a captivating narrative. Ostensibly the tale of the creation of Sandro Botticelli’s famed Primavera masterpiece, Botticelli’s Muse is in equal parts a story of artistic inspiration, political intrigue, religious faith, temptation, and yes, romance.”  —Sarah Cascone, Associate Editor, artnet News
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How Italy at Nineteen Inspired a Debut Novel by Dorah Blume 

Guest Post on Questa Dolce Vita

“I didn’t know it at the time, but that first year in Italy planted invisible seeds of inspiration in me, seeds that did not blossom until my 50s after my creative passions had turned from visual arts to writing. That’s when I conceived, with the help of the Emerson MFA program, my debut novel Botticelli’s Muse.”

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Engaging Historical Novel: Botticelli’s Muse by Dorah Blume

The latest review for Botticelli’s Muse by Mylan Kohler on her blog Girl-Who-Reads

“While the novel takes place over the year, split into the seasons, it doesn’t feel as though it drags at all. Every time I put down the book to do something else I had to do, I wanted to go back and see what else happened. It could be because the chapters are relatively short but full of description and emotional energy.”

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Ambition has no age limit

“Our latest inspirational Fab Woman demonstrates that there is no age limit on ambition.  Septuagenarian Dorah Blume publishes her first novel Botticelli’s Muse to critical acclaim – and shares with us her journey, and her motivation.  Just goes to show that you can be sensational over 70 as well as fabulous over 50!”

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The Jewish Lady Review

Books I Love: Botticelli’s Muse

While I enjoy learning about history, many books about the past are so incredibly dull and dry, it’s nearly impossible to finish them. Weaving actual events into a story with engaging characters is much more entertaining. That’s why I loved reading Dorah Blume’s new novel Botticelli’s Muse.

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Heather Blogs

One thing I love more than a nail biting thriller is a beautifully written historical fiction novel.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to dive into a world of life of an artist. Be warned that is one of those books that you will read and need to step away from and come back to because of how its written.

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Author, visual artist self-collaborate
for novel
Botticelli’s Muse

By Ed Karvoski Jr., Contributing Writer

Boston – Dorah Blume is the pen name created by visual artist Deborah Bluestein of Boston. Now, they’ve become collaborators. Bluestein is the illustrator for Blume’s debut novel, “Botticelli’s Muse.” The two are compatible personalities, Blume noted.

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