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Dorah Blume is an author of historical fiction novels. Her latest, Botticelli's Muse, is a provocative story about Italian Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli, the conflicts of Medici Florence, and the woman at the heart of his paintings.
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Media Kit

Media Kit for Botticelli’s Muse

Botticelli’s Muse 
In the villa of his irritating new patron, Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli feels his creative well run dry—until he accidentally discovers Floriana, a Jewish weaver imprisoned in his sister’s convent. Events threaten to keep his unlikely muse out of reach, and so begins a tale of one of the art world’s most beloved paintings, La Primavera, as Sandro, a confirmed bachelor, and Floriana, a headstrong artist in her own right, enter into a turbulent relationship.

Sales, Marketing, and Publicity Contacts:
Deborah Bluestein, Publisher
Juiceboxartists Press, 617-733-9016
P.O. Box 230553, Boston, MA 02123

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