Drawing for Creative Expression
Dorah Blume is an author of historical fiction novels. Her latest, Botticelli's Muse, is a provocative story about Italian Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli, the conflicts of Medici Florence, and the woman at the heart of his paintings.
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Drawing for Creative Expression

Drawing for Creative Expression

Continuing with the theme of getting your creative juices flowing as an antidote for depression and worry, this month we’re focusing on drawing, doodling, and painting.

All books have ink on paper, no matter the language. To appreciate the written word, people must be able to read the ink marks in order to translate them into the meaning of what is written. The writer’s job is to revise and polish the words and phrases to match as unambiguously as possible the story that unfolds. It’s a two-step process for the reader. With a picture and all visual arts, the communication is immediate. One step. Especially with drawing.

If you ever found yourself doodling while taking notes, or talking to someone on the phone, you’re probably a natural for zentangling. It’s a meditative art form available even to those who think they have no artistic talent. Invented by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas in 2003, the zentangle method has become an international phenomenon.

You’ll hear from Nancy G. and M. Shea who have just begun their adventures with zentangling. In addition, you’ll learn how Mary K. uses drawing before bed to send her off to sleep in a calm, relaxed state. I’ll share one of my quirky mandalas that grew out of the zentangle method. At the end of this newsletter you’ll find additional resources to encourage you to try visual art as an outlet for your creative energies.

Read the full newsletter here: https://mailchi.mp/4953df2b7325/get-your-creative-juices-flowing-in-2021its-good-for-your-health-1375350

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