Hug a Hobby!
Dorah Blume is an author of historical fiction novels. Her latest, Botticelli's Muse, is a provocative story about Italian Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli, the conflicts of Medici Florence, and the woman at the heart of his paintings.
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Hug a Hobby!

Hug a Hobby!

Over the pandemic, which seems waning, we lost many things from our “normal life,” but nothing as much as hugging our friends and loved ones. In pre-Covid times, if I should catch my foot on a loose brick and tumble, passersby would leap to my aid within seconds. Once lockdown hit, fear trumped empathy. If I fall, people will scatter away from me! Contamination fear was more potent than the impulse to help. During this love month of February, air hugs over Zoom don’t have the power to pump up the oxytocin—the feel-good chemical and lower the cortisol—the stress chemical. But hugging a hobby—embracing creative impulses and passions can carry us over the dark patches.

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