Yoga & Meditation: Portals to Creative Focus
Dorah Blume is an author of historical fiction novels. Her latest, Botticelli's Muse, is a provocative story about Italian Renaissance artist Sandro Botticelli, the conflicts of Medici Florence, and the woman at the heart of his paintings.
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Yoga & Meditation: Portals to Creative Focus

Yoga & Meditation: Portals to Creative Focus

I once had a car whose engine kept going even after I turned off the ignition key. The whole car would sputter and shake until it collapsed into a peaceful stillness. When I begin meditation, my mental motor sputters and shakes. I take some deep breaths, and slowly I settle into a quiet pause that renews me.

There are many forms of meditation. With the plethora of online possibilities, you can try out guided, with or without the gong, silent, focusing on your breath, with or without a mantra, chanting. Whatever method, the key is to still the mind and body, a sensation that is different for each person. Meditation is personal. For me it is a way to escape an overactive, overwhelmed mind for 20 minutes—long enough for my spinning thoughts to slow down. When I come out from that meditative escape valve, I usually know what to do next. And I do it with uninterrupted focus.

Speaking of focus, Patanjali, the granddaddy of all yoga said, “Yoga is the ability to direct the mind exclusively toward an object and sustain that direction without any distraction.” For me, yoga and meditation are the two most important tools in my psychic toolbox. One calms me down and the other gives me the stamina to keep moving in the direction I want to go. Read more:


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